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New Home Construction Low Voltage Pre Wire

Pricing 100 ft. home runs from the hub
Pricing subject to change at any time

Drupes that are 60 ft. runs from the hub to outlet location:

RG-6 cable $50 Pre-Drywall, ea. ad's 10 ft. $10
Speaker Cable Two Pair $60 ea. ad's 10 ft. $15
Cad-5e Cable
$70 Pre-Drywall, ea. ad's 10 ft. $20
Cad-5e Shielded Cable
$80 Pre-Drywall, ea. ad's 10 ft. $25

Cable Termination $15 ea. connector ends only
Electrical Boxes, Cover Plates, Custom Termination are priced at current retail or wholesale markup.

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Our Low Voltage Pre Wire Price List
Smart Home Audio & Video, Security Cameras

If you are planning on building, or are currently building, a new home - now is the time to consider your low voltage pre wire needs. It is important to consider your immediate requirements, but also to plan for the future. At Smart Home Audio and Video, we can help you through the low voltage pre wire process:

Planning - We will sit down with you one on one, go over your house plans, explain everything that is possible and help you decide what is required to meet your needs

- Based on our planning session, we will design a system to your specifications and within your budget. We use your builder's or architect's plans to make sure that everyone involved is informed as to the requirements of the systems you have selected.

Installing the wiring
- During framing, we will pull all of the cable needed for current and future needs

Completing the finish work
- After drywall installation, we install speakers, wall plates and other finish components
Installing the Systems
- When construction is complete and the house is secure, we will install the stereo, security, and home theater components.

Teaching You
- We will train you and the members of your family on how to get the most out of the systems we have installed in your home.

Systems That Can Be Installed In Your New Home

Before you begin construction, it is essential that you decide what systems and components you want installed in your home. There are different types of cables that do different jobs in the modern home. The correct cabling is needed based on the systems you want installed. Here are some system considerations:
Home Networking
Whole House Audio
Home Theater Installation
Surround Sound System
Television locations and types
Outdoor Audio and Video Systems
Man Cave capabilities and designs
Cable or Satellite access points
Lighting Control Systems

Security Systems
Video Monitoring Systems
Climate Control Systems/Thermostats
Fire Alarm Systems
Intercom/Paging System/Hybrid Phone Systems
Digital Deadbolts
Whole Home Vacuum Systems
Electronic Programmable Shades and Blinds

New Home Construction Design Considerations

For all of the systems outlined above, decisions need to be made from a design standpoint. Here are some examples:

High Low outlets for televisions so cabling is hidden behind walls Outlet locations, Speaker locations
Individual in-room controls, Weatherproof outdoor audio and video, automated security lighting locations
Security camera locations, Internet access to security cameras, Home Vacuum access locations and types of fixtures, Entertainment remote controls
Monitoring systems for kids playroom and/or backyard
Outdoor gate opening alert system
Driveway monitors
Locations for Passive Infrared (PIR) guest/intruder alert sensors
Pool Safety Alarm Systems
TV distribution systems including: amplifiers, RF modulators, splitters, HDTV distribution
Green Design Considerations:

To Wire or Not To Wire? - That is the question!

Automated Lighting Controls - Programmable options for home lighting automation
Occupancy Sensors - On/Off switching of lighting and HVAC loads based on someone being in the home or in a specific room.

Programmable Climate Control
Smart Appliances
Smart Lighting Systems
Solar Powered Products
Smart Power Strips
Energy Consumption Monitors

Building a new home is an exciting project. It can also be very stressful. If you've never done it before, you don't know what you don't know. Let us take the anxiety out of the decision making process when it comes to your in-home technology. Audio and video systems and smart home technology are constantly changing and improving. Our job is to keep up with these changes so you don't have to worry about what you need and when you need it! We will make sure your low voltage pre wire installation meets your immediate and future needs.
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