Security Cameras Types
Security Cameras Types

With many technological advances taking place over the years, and increasing crime rates, the progress made in the field of security and surveillance has been considerable. What started as a simple concept, requiring a single camera and a video tape, has now become an intricate network of multiple cameras, timers, recording devices, and other additional equipment and accessories. The market of security cameras types has never been more exciting, as new models are being branded and introduced on a consistent basis. This article will discuss some recent types and models of surveillance equipment.

One popular system for home surveillance is the 4 cameras DVR set up. This system allows for four separate recording channels, fully integrated with both audio and video recording capabilities. One step up from this is the 8 cameras DVR system. With four additional cameras, this system is more suitable for estate surveillance, apartment complexes, or office building security. Those in need of even more coverage will be happy to discover the 16 cameras DVR (16 Channels), offering 16 different camera placements to provide surveillance of many areas and from many angles. All packages will have the option of including waterproof and weatherproof cameras, night vision capabilities, and even vandal-proof technology.

For a less bulky appearance, many people prefer dome cameras. One type of IR dome camera, that also provides vandal proof features, is the LIRDC security camera. This camera takes color recordings at a distance of up to 30 meters, providing auto white balance and back light compensation features for high quality video. It also has a manual zoom lens for close inspection of monitored areas. Similar to the LIRDC is the LIRDB, also a vandal proof IR dome camera. This model only has a working distance of 20 meters, for those surveillance projects that don't require long distance recordings.

There are many security cameras types to meet the surveillance needs of all interested parties. Whether CCTV surveillance 4 cameras DVR system is required, or a 16 cameras DVR is preferred, there are surveillance packages available for varying properties. Home and business security systems may require specific equipment and accessories, all available through companies like that at JAF EPS LLC. Upon deciding on a favorite surveillance system or camera type, it is necessary to seek professional services to ensure an effective installation plan. Installing a security system is an important job, and should be performed by someone with the necessary skills and experience required. With a well-researched choice of camera, and a qualified installation, your security system can provide the peace of mind and safety intended by such equipment.

Types of security cameras used in a video surveillance system:

Fake security cameras - These are dummy or fake cameras that are mounted on a wall on your business or home. Typically They are inexpensive and are not connected to any surveillance system. The main goal of these cameras is to act as a deterrent.
Covert surveillance cameras (security cameras) - These cameras come in shapes and forms that look like a house hold or business item, such as a wall clock in a small business or store, a toy in a kids room, a frame picture that is mounted on a wall, and so on. These are surveillance camera that record in secrecy.
Wireless security cameras - These types of cameras do not require wiring and. They are very easy to install, and are portable.
Wired surveillance cameras - These cameras are suitable for permanent configuration. If you have one location that you would like to constantly monitor and will not need it to be changed, a wired camera is an option. We can professionally install these cameras and attached them to a surveillance system for constant monitoring and recording.
Night vision security cameras - These are ideal for any low-light areas, not just for the night time. The camera records in black and white in order to capture images best.

Other Camera Classification

IP Cameras
Digital Surveillance Cameras - Digital Security Cameras
Analog Surveillance Cameras
C-mount camera
Day / night camera
Dome camera (LIRDC, LIRDB)
Pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras
Pin-hole camera
Waterproof cameras
Weatherproof cameras
Bullet Dome
Infrared PTZ / Speed Domes
Wireless Network / IP Micro Security

Security Camera Installation
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